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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fat Fest

Chargrilled Chops with Dijonnaise Eggs Served on Buttered Rice
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Chargrilled Lamb Chops
1.5kg lambchops
A few dashes of balsamic vinegar(optional)
2tbs of thick dark soy sauce
2tbs honey
1tbs coriander+cumin powder(optional)
0.25 cup of fresh mint(optional)
2tbs plain yoghurt(optional)
Salt and pepper
Whizz everything except the meat. Smother the rubbing paste onto the chops and marinade overnight. Plonk'em on the grill to desired taste. To be eaten with Mint Jelly.
Dijonnaise Eggs
Hardboiled eggs
Dijon Mustard powder
Combine mustard and mayo according to personal taste. Halve the eggs and pipe the dressing on top.Garnish with chives if you like.
Buttered Rice
Hot cooked rice
1 tsp Chicken stock granules
Fried Shallots
Cooked mixed vege
Mix everything up well and serve.

Prego! Bon Appetito!

Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Dill Posted by Picasa

Remember my Aglio Olio? You can pimp it up with a lil finger food or antipasti before the primo which is your first course of normally soup or pasta. Or like me, I'd serve everything on a plate, antipasti, contorno (side dish), primo, secondo (meat/fish) together. Less plates to wash. The Italians will curse me to gourmet hell! Don't you go serving dolce (dessert) on the same plate though.
A good mix of baby spinach, arugala,or wuteva u want to have in your salad
Your favourite vinegar (malt/balsamic)
Olive Oil
Mix the dressing ingredients and chill. Just before constructing your plate, toss you salad.
Salmon Thingamajig
Wheat crispsbread
Spreadable cream cheese
Smoked salmon
Fresh dill
Olive Oil
Spread cream cheese over your crispbread.
Place a thin layer of smoke salmon.
A few shakes of pepper.
Garnish with sprigs of fresh dill.
Just before serving, drizzle some olive oil on top of your creation for that glossy finish.
A good dessert for this meal would be nice little Italian Strawberry Dessert Crepes on a dressy plate.