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Monday, June 27, 2005


I did a facelift on the old traditional Nagasari, by putting them into paper cupcakes. I am sure some makciks will shake their heads but thats OKlah makcik, kata zaman berwawasan 2020 :)

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Nagasari in cupcakes

1 cup rice flour
i tbsp corn flour
4½ coconut milk
Salt & sugar to taste
250 gm bananas (half peeled and cut into pieces)
Banana leaves (for wrapping)

Put rice flour, corn flour, coconut milk and salt into a pot and mix evenly.
Add sugar to taste.
Heat the mixture on medium heat, constantly stirring until the mixture turns 'custard like' (very thick).
Put a tablespoon of the mixture into cupcakes (or banana leaves) and top the mixture with a slice of banana. Steam for 10 minutes.

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Nagasari in banana leaves

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The masak-masak page

So here it is, I have started the template and trying to compile my recipes. So it will take a few more days for this blog to take off effectively.

The purpose of this blog is to share with my friends recipes of simple dishes that I have tried and would like to tell you that if Ely can cook...so can you!!!

I welcome simple recipes by you (I will indicate who the recipe donors are). I can post them here so that everyone can benefit from it. We could also share cooking tips and cooking problems for those yang keknya selalu terbantut, asam pedas terhangus? hehehe