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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Scrambling Chicken Rice

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This is a quick chicken rice recipe that I have improvised from MIL's heirloom cookbook. Cheating dan tak berapa senonoh. But who cares.
Process 1
1 box of Heinz Chicken Stock or enough water
1 whole chicken
Young ginger
Garlic paste
Pandan Leaves
Coriander leaves
Bawang goreng
Boil everything until cooked.Take out the chicken and drain. Tapis the soup and set aside. Or you could go thru all that tumis-tumisan the same way you would make any clear soup. Make one big pot.
Process 2
Ground Cumin
Sweet dark soy
Sesame Oil
Juice of Lime
Boiled Chicken
Smother the boiled chicken in the marinade and let it rest for how long you can spare before your people get hungry. Deep fry until you get a nice glossy Nasi Ayam chicken color. A healthier choce would be roasting it instead.
Process 3
Chicken soup from earlier
Pandan leaves
Cook rice with all the ingredients. Formula: 1 cup rice, 1.5 cup liquid. If you rajin, saute garlic and ginger in a mix of cooking oil and sesame oil, fry the rice a bit and then add the liquid and pandan.
Chilli Sauce
A handful of chilli padi
5 red chillies
Juice of 4-5 lime
Distilled vinegar
Mix everything and liquidize in a blender. Check taste and simmer gently over low fire.
Chicken Rice Sauce
A bit of that soup from before
Sesame oil
Juice of one lime
Dark Soy
Bring everything to the boil till sauce thickens. Nak cheat lagi thicken with a bit of wonder powder (Brown and Polsen)
Process 4
Serve with sliced cucumbers. Garnish soup with a bit of bawang goreng and coriander leaves. Carve and chop the chicken, dribble some of the dark sauce on the chicken bits if you like, moisten with a bit of the soup. Serve soup and chilli sauce in separate dishes. Makan hot-hot you know.


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